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Transport Your Games

The Problem

Transporting your games without a proper bag can be difficult and cause damage.

Our Solution

The Game Canopy solves these problems with its stylish and practical design that allows you to access any of your games without having to take them all out.


We’ve worked hard to make sure the Game Canopy will stand the test of time and play as hard as you do. That’s why we are working with an American company that specializes in military and medical bags, who also produced the USA Olympic team duffle bags for the Sochi 2014 games.

Water Resistant

Travel without worry on rainy days when your games are nestled in the water resistant fabric of The Game Canopy.

Cordura Fabric

The super durable Cordura fabric gives you rigorous protection from the elements and a bag that will stand the test of time.

High Strength Webbing Straps

The high strength webbing straps, and additional padded handle, make The Game Canopy convenient and comfortable to carry.

Foam Padded

The thick foam padding creates a buffer to help protect your games and cargo.


Double Zipper Front Panel

Patent Pending design that features a double zipper front panel that opens flat for immediate access. This unique feature enables you to retrieve any game easily without having to dump and jumble the contents. Most awesome!

Secure Handle

Carrying around your favorite games can get heavy: I’m looking at you Caverna, Galaxy Trucker, and Poseidon’s Kingdom. Because of this, we are including a reinforced handle with a velcro closure.

Fits up to Five Standard Sized Game Boxes

The Game Canopy was designed with your game nights in mind. Often it's difficult to predict which games to bring, so let The Game Canopy do the work, and bring all your favorites (plus that new one you have been waiting months to play!)
Talking from experience, we know that packing games for vacation can pose a daunting problem ~ we have fit over 15 games of various shapes and sizes!

Side Handles for Lifting

This bonus feature will help you move these bags in and out of your vehicle without having to tip the contents. This has also proven to be very useful if you are using The Game Canopy to store your games and have multiple bags to stack. Another great use for the handles is when you share the load with a friend, as you make your way around a gaming convention with all your hot new games.

Multiple D-Rings

This feature is great for hanging a water bottle, keys, or attaching a shoulder strap for an alternate carrying position.

Deep Side Pockets

Deep side pockets to store cell phones, tablets, promos collected at conventions, decks of cards, board game rule books and all those odds and ends that you just need somewhere to store.

Square Shape

The square shape makes it perfect for the standard game sized box to stay snug without wearing the corners. Also, we provided extra protection for your favorites and out of print collectable games by having an overlap of padding to prevent the zipper from rubbing on the box. Thanks to a typo during prototyping, we affectionately call this the “zapper flap.” #zapperflapisawesome

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